preconstruction coordination

Construction projects are not cookie-cutter affairs where one plan fits all.  Each new project brings fresh challenges that are best solved in a collaborative environment between the architect, engineers, developer, and general contractor.  Effective preconstruction services and planning are the cornerstone of a successful project.

Tofel Dent Construction works with the team from the very earliest stages of the project to gain a complete understanding of the scope, and then applies our knowledge and experience to make it a reality.  We assist in all aspects of the design—from the civil, structural, mechanical and electrical, to the materials used. The objective of this process is to provide the best product at the best price.  This process is often referred to as value engineering, but it’s best done during the initial definition and design of the project so other team members only have to do their job once.  In other words, we will help achieve the highest value the first time.

Tofel Dent Construction offers the following preconstruction services:

  • Site analysis and conceptual planning
  • Detailed plan and specification review
  • Budget estimates as plans progress
  • Constructability analysis
  • Value engineering recommendations
  • Scheduling, logistics, and sequencing
  • Subcontractor qualification and bid management
  • LEED & Green program analysis

Site Analysis and Conceptual Planning

We have found that we can provide the most value by being involved during the conceptual design phase of a project. The owner, architect, engineers, and contractor all look at a project through different lens. Our primary goal during this stage of the project is to ensure that the owner's goals are achieved in the most economic way possible.

Budget Estimates

Due to the current climate of escalating wages and material costs in the construction industry, establishing and meeting a budget is one of the crucial elements in creating a successful project. Helping our clients understand these issues and how they can be integrated in their project is the first step in the process.

Value Engineering

Many architects aren't fond of value engineering because to them it means rework. While value engineering, we are not changing the Form, Purpose or Function of a project. If engaged early, we will work closely with the design team to ensure that a project is value engineered from the start, helping our customers receive the best value for their dollar.

construction services

As most of the principles of Tofel Dent Construction have engineering degrees, we are a very process-focused company.  Having world-class processes is the key to ensuring consistent results.   These processes start with assigning a superintendent to a project early so that we can “hit the ground running,” and there is not a learning curve on the first day a project begins.


Quality is not something that is achieved by mistake. Picking the correct subcontractors for a project and then having a thorough quality assurance program that is integrated through each step of the construction process is the key to achieving a high level of quality consistently.


Scheduling construction work is one of the keys to a successful project. All parties must have a clear understanding of what is expected of them and must agree that those expectations are realistic. With that understanding, the other key item is that workers need to stay continuously on the job until complete so they get up on their “learning curve” and do not have to retrain later.

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Tofel Dent Construction places a very high priority to safety on our jobs and have the following procedures in place: detailed safety plan, dress code, daily safety reports, weekly safety meetings, and OSHA-required training classes.

Becki Kitzman