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Brand Eigen

Backed with a family legacy encompassing 30+ years’ building experience, Mr. Eigen has been influenced by commercial construction all his life.

Mr. Eigen embodied all the qualities necessary for his many roles with American Construction (now the hotel division of Tofel Dent Construction) as president, chief financial officer, project manager, and estimator. Keenly competitive, he’s is a natural at identifying strengths and maximizing the talents of key personnel to better serve our clientele. Much of American Construction’s success was a result of Mr. Eigen’s strategic marketing expertise. He represents a new and creative generation with his innovative foresight and approach to expanding the company’s horizons.

As an active and hands-on participant in the Asian Hotel Owners of America organization, Mr. Eigen, is dedicated to ensuring that Tofel Dent Construction is synonymous with premier hotel builder for quality construction. From start to completion, Mr. Eigen is committed to creating a higher standard to guarantee all projects not only meet, but exceed, the owner’s.

Becki Kitzman