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Brian Welker

Mr. Welker is a senior project manager with Tofel Dent Construction located in Tucson, AZ. Mr. Welker’s construction experience spans 19 years with a strong focus on multifamily new construction, preconstruction services, estimating, bidding, and subcontractor buyouts.

He started his career as a superintendent with Bowen Development out of Portland, OR. He was transfered to Phoenix, AZ, to complete a project for Bowen and was then hired as a superintendent by Tofel Dent Construction. After completing two projects totaling 300 units, Mr. Welker was promoted to project manager, completing 10 projects totaling 996 units (primarily in Phoenix). In 2007, due to personal reasons, Mr. Welker moved back to Portland. He held a position as project manager for Joseph Hughes Construction. Although in 2015, he was able to return to Arizona and rejoined Tofel Dent Construction.

Mr. Welker has exhibited excellent construction and management skills and is a valued member of the Tofel Dent Construction team.

Becki Kitzman