About Tofel Dent Construction

Tofel Dent Construction is a uniquely structured third-party general contractor specializing in commercial, hospitality, and multi-family housing construction in the Southwest.  Formed in 1984, based in Tucson, AZ, and started by twin brothers—Steve and Rich Tofel—Tofel Dent Construction has completed a wide variety of projects throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and California. We believe in building lasting partnerships based on mutual integrity and trust.  Throughout the development process, from our clients to our team of professionals, we participate fully in an environment of intense collaboration.  This standard of performance has proven to be the best way to deliver a successful product. In fact, we measure our success by the success of our clients. These long-term relationships reflect our commitment to teamwork, service, quality construction, and integrity in every aspect of our work. Tofel Dent Construction builds realities from visions in multi-family communities,  affordable housing communities, hotels, restaurants, retail, and office segments of the market.  We are a process-oriented organization with special focus on addressing problems early to ensure the highest level of quality, schedule, and budget. We thrive on challenge.  Tight budget or time table?  Complex site?  We will take it on—start to finish.  Many of our greatest successes have come when others have been unable to deliver on a promise.  We have, in turn, exceeded expectations.